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Malagasy Vanilla

Fdirect supplier from our producer community.
Dare to be exceptional, taste the difference

best quality vanilla

Vanilla is our passion


Having grown up in the world of vanilla, we acquired our know-how through the artisanal knowledge  practice of our family which is passed down from generation to generation. Coming from the third generation of collector, preparer and exporter of vanilla, we had the ambition to push our presence even further on the market, which means that it seemed logical to us to be present on the European market. Hence the creation of Malagasy Vanilla.

Our quest is simple but profound: to guarantee the best quality vanilla while avoiding intermediaries in the distribution chain.



We believe in the social responsibility of our company. Working directly with our producer communities we strive to improve their standards of living. Our commitment goes beyond vanilla, it extends to the empowerment of those who give birth to this natural treasure.

At Malagasy Vanilla, we believe in the magic of vanilla grown in an artisanal way. We combine traditional know-how with modern agricultural practices to offer a unique taste experience.



Each pod is pampered, harvested with care, and transformed according to ancestral methods. In our workshop in Sambava, in the heart of the vanilla region of Madagascar, we transform each harvest into an exceptional product. This is where the art of vanilla comes to life, in a meticulous process that honors tradition while embracing innovation.


Direct supplier

To get even closer to our European customers, we created Malagasy Vanilla this year, thus establishing a direct link between our producers and you.


Our Objectives and Commitments

Our objective is to be the reference in terms of Malagasy vanilla in Belgium.

Join us for an authentic taste adventure, where each Malagasy Vanilla pod is a promise of quality, positive impact, and an unforgettable culinary experience.

malagasy vanilla

Malagasy Vanilla

Malagasy vanilla occupies a prominent place in the world as the world's leading producer of vanilla, mainly known as "Madagascar bourbon vanilla". This variety of vanilla is prized for its exceptional quality, characterized by a high vanillin content and a complex aroma. The hand pollination method implemented in Madagascar has helped set high standards in the vanilla industry. However, the position of Malagasy vanilla is sometimes subject to price fluctuations due to various factors, including weather conditions and growing global demand. Despite these challenges, Malagasy vanilla remains a major player on the world stage, influencing the food industry, perfumery and the local economy.




Each category has its own characteristics:

Black Vanilla: It is characterized by a black, supple and shiny pod, with a rich aromatic profile.

Red Vanilla: generally characterized by a pod with reddish filaments when ripe. 

Cuts (Loose beans): It isThere are vanillas cut into pieces but also declassified pods generally intended for specific uses such as the extraction or production of vanilla powder.

Each variety has its own nuances of flavor, aroma and pod size, providing consumers and artisans with diverse options to meet their needs

The different qualities of vanilla

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